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Evolve Trading and Investment has a network of commodity traders working with the top ten major banks associated with the purchase and sale of crude oil and various refined products. We have strong relationships with refineries, allocation holders, and commercial account holders and are therefore able to offer an end-to-end service. We have access to a trade desk and brokers within the secondary markets for physical crude transactions and have the financial ability to hedge or offset these contracts into futures and options through our existing team of specialists.

Our Vision: To become a key brokerage and trading house within EMEA whilst generating target revenue for all parties concerned. We aim to ensure that all business carried out is in line with international banking regulations and that client confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Crude oil / Refined Petroleum Products
The main commodity areas in which Evolve specialises is the purchase of crude oil both for its own future projects and at the request of existing clients. The oil and gas sector is the most actively traded commodity sector within Evolve's portfolio of products. The trading desk is increasing in numbers showing us that our perception towards professional and seamless transactions is fast becoming a proven method. Evolve implements a very thorough due diligence and vetting process with regard to any new client before an offer of representation is made ensuring that clients are capable and financially able to perform upon acceptance of a transaction proposal.