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Project Management

Project Out-Tasking

Evolve provide a complete package for project scope, delivery and commissioning. Clients with in-house project resources can choose to use Evolve for specific phases if required. We are able to support or lead on a project throughout the following phases: Definition, Approval, Planning, Execution and Close out 

Project Support

Evolve are also able to support in the preparation of tender and bid documents, tender and bid analysis, construction review, payment certification as well as the contract administration

Facilitation Services

Independent facilitation services compliment and are integral to our services. Evolve are able to offer these to clients who value utilising professional facilitation services on their projects, which include;

  • Scope of Work Surveys
  • Project Kick-Off Meetings
  • Project Resource Reviews
  • Risk Assessments
  • Security and Threat Assessments (on and offshore)
  • Peer Reviews
  • Value Engineering Reviews
  • Hazard & Operability Studies (HAZOP)
  • Feasibility Surveys
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Lessons Learned Reviews

Evolve are committed to supporting our clients throughout the complete lifecycle of the project, whether we are the project lead, part of the support element or even simply delivering one portion of the complete project. We are there to guide and support our clients every step of the way and ensure that the project is delivered on time and on budget.

We are specialised in leading or supporting during the following phases of a project

PHASE 1: Information Memorandum (Appraisal)

Is the project feasible?

When you finance a specific project, for example a new build or a full field development, in a specific location, you need to be sure you have access to relevant technical expertise to evaluate the project feasibility.

Evolve offer a wide range of services helping you to evaluate the feasibility of a project, related technical risks and your return on investment.


Technical Due Diligence

  1. Design and Engineering Survey
    • Buildings and infrastructure design evaluation
    • Foundation evaluation
    • Review of other civil works
    • Fitness for site review
  2. Site Survey
    • Specific site study (accessibility, security, logistics, weather)
    • External site conditions (wind, soil, corrosion, seismic)
    • Characteristics of the electricity grid
    • Regulatory compliance
  3. Contract Technical Advice
    • Contract Terms
      1. EPC Contract and warranty, acceptance and reliability agreement
      2. Finance / Facility agreement
      3. Operations and maintenance agreement
      4. Power Purchase agreement
      5. Regulatory compliance
    • Project Schedule
      1. Reviews and oversight
      2. Milestone review
    • Project Cost Estimates
      1. Review and confirmation of appropriateness of costs ensuring robust model is presented.
    • Quality Control
      1. For all contractors/sub-contractors
  4. Specifications Verification
    • Verification of equipment and/or supplier(s)

PHASE 2: Engineering, Procurement and Construction

What is the real project status?

When you are a thousand miles away from a project you are financing, you need to be sure that it is executed according to contract specifications and local regulations. When you decide to disburse funds you need to be sure that the project is really on-track.

We offer a wide range of services helping you to monitor the progress of a project. We provide you timely and accurate project status information enabling you to take informed decisions.


Project Monitoring

  • Milestones monitoring (Costs, deadlines and quality assurance)

Erection and Production Survey

  • Monitor main suppliers
  • Monitor erection and installation
  • Attend and report on test activities
  • Report failures

Manufacturing Survey

  • Audit of facilities, processes and procedures
  • Inspection of equipment manufactures and subcontractors
  • Verification of documentation (calibration, welding procedures, non-conformity detection, incidents)
  • Issuance of a manufacturing certificate

Installation Survey

  • Initial audit of the project site
  • Inspections of: installations, civil works, equipment delivery and installation
  • Issuance of installation certificate

Specification Verification

  • Verification of equipment and manufacturer

Commissioning Survey

  • Verification of procedures for start up and testing after installation
  • Confirmation of safe and functional operation of all devices
  • Acceptance certification

PHASE 3: Operation and Maintenance

Has the project been completed accordingly?

When you start to reap the benefits of your project investment you need to be sure that it is fully operational.

We offer a wide range of services helping to ensure that a project is fully operational and running smoothly, providing planned return on investment.

Operation Survey

  • Test the project operation and report performance

Ongoing monitoring

  • Review operational reports – summary of major issues/accidents, maintenance and repairs and any technical problems
  • Regulatory compliance – viability of all permits, safety and security compliance and social and environmental impact