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Safety and Security

Our Mission

Evolve is committed to the protection of our employees, sub-contractors, assets, information, integrity and reputation from potential threats, regardless of the country we are operating in.

Our Approach

Evolve’s core values, code of conduct and business ethics guide our operational and service delivery approach.  They include professionalism, respect for employees, sub-contractors, stakeholders and a commitment to continual improvement. This enables Evolve to provide the most reliable service without unnecessarily exposing our clients or ourselves to security or safety risks.  Key is the need to create secure environments and robust processes that can be trusted by clients, stakeholders and national and international regulatory bodies.

Our Security Principles

Evolve’s security management policy is built upon the following broad security principles:

  • The commitment to prevent, avoid and reduce the likelihood and consequences of disruptive or undesirable events;
  • To ensure through pre-emptive planning, incidents are rapidly and effectively mitigated, with response plans developed and tested to deal with the assessed risks;
  • The commitment that security measures and procedures are regularly inspected, validated and verified to maintain high levels of security standards throughout Evolve’s operations;
  • To comply with current applicable legislative, regulatory and statutory requirements;
  • To ensure security policies and procedures are implemented according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, international and national laws and the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights;
  • To ensure that the professionalism, knowledge and integrity of those involved in security matters is tightly controlled through establishment and implementation of training, recruitment and contractual procedures;
  • The commitment that all security-related incidents will be reported, recorded and where necessary, corrective action taken to improve the overall security standard.

Risk Assessments

Central to the security policy is Evolve’s security threat and risk management approach, which requires the undertaking of threat and risk assessments at key points of the business’s processes appropriate to the nature and scale of Evolve’s operation.  These provide the frame upon which the direction and conduct of Evolve’s security policy is based and which ensures the protection of Evolve’s reputation as well as our client’s.  Care is also taken to protect information belonging to Evolve from cyber-attack and unauthorised disclosure. This applies to all communication including electronic records, paper and memory sticks. Similarly, security mechanisms are implemented in all Evolve computer systems to ensure confidentiality and availability of information.  Stringent access controls and audit trails will always be employed to protect against external and internal threats to Evolve’s systems.