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Depending on the region or country a project is being delivered in, it is not always convenient or economical to import skilled labour and in some cases, the budget prohibits this entirely.  Spending the largest portion of the budget on management staff is the norm, but it doesn’t have to be.  Evolve Trading and Investment recognizes the need for skilled Project Managers both at home and abroad.  The lack of skilled professionals can greatly affect the outcome and the budget of any project. 

By partnering with the University of Aberdeen and APM, a leading online distance-learning group, Evolve can help bridge the gap.  Students from any part of the world can undertake an accredited programme to earn their Project Management certificate in Introduction to Project Management, Project Management Professional (APM), and advanced courses APMP (PMA level D) and PML. This programme not only benefits the management level, but can also be used to improve the overall understanding of how each individual skilled worker fits into the overall project.  By understanding the whole project, employees can clearly grasp how they contribute to the overall success.  This understanding can improve employee morale and improve the developments bottom line.

Evolve are able to deliver training in a number of ways:

  1. The chosen trainees are flown to the UK to undertake the course.
  2. Our UK trainer comes to the project country and delivers the training.
  3. Trainees are enrolled on an online, distance-learning course and given mentor support remotely.
  4. A blended option is also available whereby the course is part delivered in country or in the UK with the remainder being completed online. This is beneficial for some of the longer courses we offer.

Evolve actively promotes and encourages this educational opportunity in all of our local and overseas markets to increase the skilled labour pool benefitting the entire community.  All of our skilled labour force is encouraged to take part.

At Evolve, we are committed to providing the best training possible to our employees. We recruit locally and provide all the necessary training to ensure that our staff are equipped to undertake their role. We take this further by supplying and building our own dedicated training centres, located on site, where we can provide initial and ongoing training to our employees. This not only helps the local economy but also allows for us to tailor the professional courses to suit the specific project needs as well as the ability to conduct ‘on the job’ training.