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Waste to Power

Our modernized way of life means we are creating waste materials in vast quantities, all of which needs to be disposed of. There is a real and urgent need to divert this waste from landfills, as the decaying waste releases methane, which is many times worse than carbon dioxide. The additional polluting effects of landfill on the water supply are also seen in many developing countries where boreholes are often drilled in close proximity to a waste site. As the population increases and competition for land grows, a new way of dealing with the waste is needed.

Evolve is able to offer an innovative solution to the growing waste issues in the form of a modular Waste to Power unit. The technology we use allows landfill to be reduced and electricity and carbon char to be produced and sold. Any organic based material is suitable for the process and, within certain boundaries, will produce similar results every time. The systems Evolve has developed allow for a wide range of feedstock to be used and each unit can be tailored to the specific Country or State depending on their waste production. The Waste to Power unit can typically process (but is not limited to):

  1. Oil Sludge
  2. Mixed domestic waste
  3. Landfill
  4. Plastics and rubber
  5. Construction and automotive waste

The Waste to Power system can also be employed in areas where the land has become contaminated due to significant oil leaks or oil spills. The system can therefore create the benefits of employment for up to 1,000 people, land remediation and also provide electricity and carbon char as by-products that can then be sold. This has a significant positive impact on local communities and States who can not only clean up the land but also provide much needed resources to the people most affected by the oil spills.


The following schematic diagram shows the principal phases and flow of the Waste to Power process

The system is typically made up of 6 modules and needs a site of 4000m2. Once activated, it is self-sustainable and can operate 24hrs per day. This ensures a constant and reliable source of electricity. The main outputs and details of the Waste to Power system are:

  1. Process approx. 34,000 tonnes of waste per year
  2. Produce 7.5 MW/hr. of electricity (enough to supply 10,000+ homes)
  3. Produce 14 MW/hr. of thermal energy
  4. Produce 10,000 tonnes of carbon char (high grade fertilizer)

The attached presentation (below) provides more information on the system, its considerable benefits as well as additional detail on the specific capacities and outputs that can be generated.

Evolve Waste to Power Evolve Waste to Power Evolve Waste to Power Evolve Waste to Power